VHA 10 Standings - Western Conference




The Virtual Hockey Association

The PREMIER EA NHL PC gaming experience, VHA is a GM Mode league that's been running strong since 2002!!

GMs from around the world are welcome to join a fun, friendly and active league! VHA's unique conference configuration and custom schedule ensures 95% of your games are played with compatible GMs, available in your nearby time zone.

VHA offers a unique brand of sim style hockey, complete with:

  • Ratings updates for all players, including this year's crop of rookies
  • A LIVE Entry Draft and Draft Lottery, every year
  • Our annual Free Agent Frenzy, where you'll sign players like a true NHL GM
  • Trading, trading and more trading
  • Realistic roster management under a salary cap system, with a full CBA and more
  • Bonus tournaments like the World Junior Championship or World Championship of Hockey
  • More.....

Join us for the most realistic online hockey gaming experience! All it takes is a good internet connection, a copy of NHL09 for PC and a few clicks to get started

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VHA 10 Scoring Leaders